A Complete Guide To Corporate Gifting (And Why You’ll Love Our Options)

A Complete Guide To Corporate Gifting (And Why You’ll Love Our Options)

Posted by DeLallo on Oct 4th 2023

Corporate gifting tastes better than ever.

Why corporate gifts, you may be asking yourself. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way when it comes to the relationships you build with business contacts—employees, team members, clients, prospective clients, partners and CEOS. Giving gifts strengthens and builds those business relationships and helps your company stand out in the crowd.

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas that go beyond the basics, think food. We’re not talking about fruit baskets and boxes of boring chocolates, but gourmet Italian and Mediterranean foods. Some of our fondest memories are made in the kitchen and around the table sharing great food with our favorite people. It’s no wonder that food makes the perfect gifts. The vibrant colors, bold flavors and enticing aromas of these gourmet goodies are naturally beautiful and eye-catching.

Skip the predictable professional gifts and give your employees, business partners, clients and team members something different this time around. Make an edible impression with food gifts that inspire get-togethers and memory-making gatherings. 

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is the customary practice of celebrating, showing appreciation and otherwise building business relationships by gift giving. Recipients of corporate gifts include employees, employers, clients, potential clients, colleagues, business partners and team members. Corporate gifts can be physical gifts such as gift boxes of gourmet foods or a piece of company swag (branded practical items like pens and cups) or non-physical gift options can include experiences and gift cards.


Why Do Companies Give Corporate Gifts?

There are many reasons to give corporate gifts. Gift giving is more than the gifts themselves but the thoughtfulness it entails. For current business relationships, gift giving is a way to recognize, appreciate and celebrate an individual. It also helps to reinforce trust and reciprocity, ultimately strengthening those relationships. For potential clients and business opportunities, corporate gifting is a way to stand out from your competition and add a personal touch to your company or brand representation.


Why Is Corporate Gifting Important?

Corporate gifting is important for many reasons. Gift giving is a way to nurture, strengthen and celebrate business relationships. Also, corporate gifting is a great way to make an impression with prospective clients, allowing you to set yourself apart from your competition. An incredible and unique gift is a memorable experience that will set the tone for your relationship and definitely keep you top of mind to prospective partners and clients. The right gifts will benefit your company’s reputation and keep up morale. Corporate gifts also help to bridge the gap when remote working has you feeling disconnected. There is no excuse not to feel close when there are thoughtful gifts to be delivered! Most gifting services, like DeLallo Corporate Gifting, offers delivery right to their door, so no one is feeling left out. In all cases, business gifts make the recipient feel valued and cared for.


Who Receives Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are gifts meant to grow and strengthen business relationships—whether that is within your company or reaching out to clients and business associates. When it comes to corporate gifting within your company, there are many reasons and occasions to give.

To honor employees, bosses and CEOs may send gifts to highlight milestones, to recognize goals reached, to celebrate holidays or simply to show appreciation. The same can be said about corporate gifts for bosses. Employees might want to show appreciation for supportive, encouraging advisors and mentors. Corporate gifts are a stellar way to hype up company events and make an impression at conferences and events. 

Corporate gifting can be used for promotional reasons too—to make first impressions on important sales prospects or even to touch base with existing clients that you haven’t communicated with for a while. Indulge your best clients and cherished business partners with impressive gifts that show them just how much they are appreciated. And don’t let holidays and celebrations go by without recognition!


Different Types Of Corporate Gifts

There are many types of corporate gifts to suit your company’s particular corporate gifting strategy. Food gifts are always number one. You can go beyond the ordinary and predictable to impress your clients and colleagues. For example, skip the box of chocolates and the throwback fruit basket and opt for something more special. Everyone loves food and great gourmet gift collections promote sharing and gathering in their own right. Corporate gifts can also include gift cards, which are less personal than most, but handy nonetheless. Branded company swag is also a type of corporate gift. These usually include practical items like pencils, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, etc. featuring the company logo.


Why You’ll Love Our Fun And Unique Corporate Gift Ideas - The Delallo Difference

If you’re looking for impressive corporate gifts that you know they will love, think food. Skip the branded coffee mugs and predictable gift cards, give your business contacts the gifts they crave. DeLallo offers artfully curated Ready-to-Ship Gifts as well as Custom Gifts options featuring the best of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Explore online, fill out a form and work one-on-one with corporate gifting experts that will help you to select the perfect gift. Whether you need one gift or company-wide gifts, it’s never been easier to send gifts to clients, coworkers, partners and employees. Sharing our favorite foods with you has been our passion since day one. That’s over 70 years ago. Our collections feature a wide range of sizes and prices with everything from specialty Italian grocery items to biscotti cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels to superstar entertaining and charcuterie gifts loaded with meats and cheeses. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your list. Don’t let another company milestone, achievement or holiday go by without showing the appreciation that only great food can convey.


Delallo Corporate Gifting: FAQ

How Do I Choose The Right Corporate Gifts?

Choosing the right gift is easier than you think. Truly, the “right gift” is the one that makes them feel seen, appreciated and valued. That’s why it’s important to choose something they can enjoy. The perfect gift is something that will be used or experienced, not collecting dust on their office shelf. Food gifts are a way to spoil your clients, colleagues and partners with the foods they love and might not indulge in on their own. It also helps if you know the gift recipient. Do they have a favorite food? Are they into entertaining with charcuterie? If you would like to personalize your gift, DeLallo offers gift options that allow you to customize your gift box.


If you feel stuck, our corporate gift experts are there (by phone or by email) to help you pick out the perfect gift.


How Much Do Corporate Gifts Normally Cost?

A typical budget for corporate gifting is anywhere between $50 - $200. Obviously this depends on your budget and your company’s corporate gifting strategy. DeLallo offers an array of beautiful food gifts that range in price from under $60 to over $100. Whether you’re looking for over-the-top personalized for winning back a client or a birthday gift for a hard-working employee, DeLallo has something in every price range. You certainly don’t have to break the bank to send gifts that will make an impact.


When Is The Best Time To Send Corporate Gifts?

To onboard a new client or employee
To win over a prospect
To celebrate company milestones and achievements (anniversaries, IPOs, industry awards)
To create hype for upcoming events and product launches 
To build camaraderie around a team-building event 
To celebrate personal milestones (work anniversaries, promotions, buying a home, newly engaged or married, welcoming a baby)
To show appreciation, especially on designated holidays like Employee Appreciation Day and Client Appreciation Day
To win back past clients who may have slipped through the cracks


There are many reasons and ways to send corporate gifts. Here are some ideas to get you started. This is certainly not all!


New clients, employees and team members.
Prospective clients.
Strengthen business partnerships.
Celebrate company milestones (goals reached, awards.)
Hype up events like product launches and shows.
Team-building and camaraderie.
Employee anniversaries and personal milestones.
Show appreciation for going above and beyond.
Holidays and day designations (National Secretary’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Christmas.)