Reasons And Ways To Recognize Your Employees And Show Appreciation

Reasons And Ways To Recognize Your Employees And Show Appreciation

What Is Employee Appreciation? And Why Is It Important?

Employee appreciation is how a company or business expresses gratitude to staff members, employees and team members for a job well done. This can happen at any time of the year: holidays, company-wide achievements, milestones, promotions, retirements, etc. There is also a holiday dedicated to this very sentiment, Employee Appreciation Day.It isn’t about just saying “thank you,” but showing it. Personal messages, gift baskets, gift cards and bonuses are just some of the ways that you can recognize employees in the workplace.

At the end of the day, your business relies on the work and dedication of those that work for you. This is why employee appreciation is so important. Those employees who are recognized and appreciated tend to be happier and more enthusiastic in their jobs. Thoughtful gestures go a long way when it comes to productivity, engagement and the promotion of a positive company culture.

Lasting Engagement - It builds trust.

Do more, more often. Employees will know if your heart is in it or not. Employee appreciation shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but an active engagement that helps you to connect with staff members, build trust and strengthen employer-employee relationships. If you’re just celebrating Employee Appreciation Day—1 day out of 365—the people that work for you will notice. For this one, a little empathy goes a long way.

Retain Top Employees - It decreases turnover.

Employee appreciation is directly related to employee retention. Appreciated employees are happy employees who do their best work and choose to stick around. Finding and hiring new employees and staff members is not only time-consuming and frustrating, but also an added expense to your bottom line. While it might seem like common sense, so many companies lose their top employees to competing businesses because they forget to put forth the effort of showing appreciation.

Build Culture And Reinforce Company Core Values -  It builds brand reputation

Employee appreciation is an opportunity to inject some positivity into the company culture. How you treat your employees—no matter how small or large of a role they play— ultimately speaks to the character of you and the company that you represent. More than ever, the world is paying attention to business practices and how companies treat their employees. People and businesses want to know where their money is going. Use employee appreciation as an opportunity to say something good about your company.  

Ways To Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Verbal Or Written Thank You

Sometimes employee appreciation is as simple as recognizing a team member with a personal note. Taking the time to jot down a note or to type out an email shows employees just how much they matter. Whether it’s for a life milestone, a work anniversary or a work achievement, a written “thank you” is a simple but meaningful way to express gratitude.

Offer A Gift

Show staff members, employees and team members just how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication with thoughtful, high-quality gifts that show your appreciation. This is a chance to make them feel like royalty, so skip the impersonal ties and coffee mugs with the company logo. Get them something that won’t just collect dust on their desks. We recommend something everyone loves: great food. Go for gourmet food gifts, such as charcuterie gifts and Italian cookies—treats that look good, taste good and are sure to some memory-making at home. There is nothing more thoughtful than treating employees to the gifts they will actually enjoy.

Offer Raises And Bonuses

Money talks. More likely than not, an underappreciated employee is also underpaid. Giving employees and staff members monetary incentives is one of the most direct ways to show employee appreciation. Raises and bonuses that are tied directly to personal merit and achievement are always more incentivizing than company-wide ones. Boost productivity and sales by establishing yearly or quarterly goals with quantifiable rewards. Some employers have implemented employee recognition programs that dole out gift cards when certain milestones are achieved.

Give Extra Time Off

Show employees just how much you appreciate them with individual or company-wide time off. Whether it’s a half of a day off or a Friday for that coveted long weekend, your staff members will be so grateful for the break. Granting time off is an act of caring that can be so meaningful to your employees. Besides, if your employees are working hard and upping your productivity, time off might be the perfect opportunity to take a break without hurting your bottom line.

Support Work-Life Balance

Overworked and underappreciated employees can create a toxic work environment. No one can thrive in a company culture that doesn’t leave room for individuality or a life outside of the workplace. Along with extra days off and extended lunch breaks, do what you can to support a work-life balance. Create a more relaxing break room space. Be realistic about goals and deadlines to discourage employees from putting in long hours of overtime. Host employee appreciation picnics and events that allow your staff to let loose and socialize.

Welcome Their Feedback

Sometimes, all we need is to be seen and heard. This is the same for your employees. Part of building and strengthening employee relationships is offering them a platform to voice their comments and concerns. Encourage employees to speak up and to use professional avenues to relay concerns. This employee appreciation strategy is two-fold. Listening to their feedback is step one. Step two is taking action in response to that feedback. Show them that you are listening but implementing changes. Feedback might feel like criticism, but take a step back to realize that it is a chance to grow as an employer and a company.

Celebrate Wins, Birthdays, Anniversaries, And Milestones With In-Office Activities Or Remote Ones

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and work-specific milestones are the perfect time to celebrate employees. Use these special occasions as opportunities to hold work parties, happy hour events and banquets. A great work climate is key to loyalty and employee retention. Spirited fun and socializing can really make all the difference when it comes to making employees feel like part of a team. Casual events like mini gold, bowling, potlucks and picnics are just some of the activities you can plan to show employee appreciation.

Employee Appreciation Day

Don’t forget that there is a day just for the purpose of employee appreciation! There is no better time to celebrate employees than Employee Appreciation Day. Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March, every year. It gives employers the chance to show employees just how grateful they are. We recommend taking advantage of this dedicated holiday by treating staff members and employees to gourmet gift boxes, honorary lunches, gift cards and the like.

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