Best Gift Ideas Your Office Team Will Love (And Devour)

Impressive gourmet Italian pizza gift

The Best Gift Ideas Your Office Team Will Love (And Devour)

Gifts for office staff should do more than get dusty on their office desks.

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with gift ideas for your office mates, even though it seems like you see them more than your own family. Whether they work right next to you or remotely (via zoom meetings), your team is important and corporate gifts are a great way to show them just how much you appreciate them. 

Not only are you looking for meaningful and affordable gifts that they will actually use, but unique gifts that will leave an impression. The solution is food, of course.

Give your office staff, coworkers and even remote team members something to talk about this year with tasty Italian gift boxes loaded up with their favorite gourmet goodies—from gourmet antipasti and charcuterie board favorites to specialty Italian grocery items and sweets for the sweet tooth. What we love about great food is how it inspires get-togethers and sharing meals with our favorite people. 

Great food is always an experience. That’s why they make the best office gifts. So next time you’re looking for thoughtful team gift ideas, skip the impersonal department store gift cards and give them something delicious!

Charcuterie Night Gift Collection
When thinking about gifts for office staff, shoot for something that doesn’t remind them of being at work. Instead, think “happy hour.” Treat your team members, employees and colleagues to a little indulgence in the form of fabulously curated charcuterie. All that’s missing from this gift box is their favorite wine or cocktail.
Gourmet Meat and Cheese Party Gift Box
When you want to treat your employees or team members to a delicious gift that won’t break the budget, this meat-and-cheese gift set is just what they’ve been craving. This pairing is curated by the foodies at DeLallo to enjoy as a high-quality snack box or instant entertainment for the host of the office.
Artisan Meat and Cheese Gift Box
There is nothing ordinary about this gourmet gift box. Artfully curated for the ultimate charcuterie and cheese board experience, this meat-and-cheese masterpiece is an impressive presentation of colors and flavors: prized Italian olives, bruschetta, artisan cheese wedges, cured meat, dried fruit… and more! If you’re looking for a high-quality gift box meant to wow your business contacts, the search is over!
Gourmet Mixed Nuts Gift Box
Gifts for office staff can be simple yet classy and this nut assortment is the perfect example. Gift a salty, savory snack box to celebrate a milestone, recognize hard work and spread some holiday cheer. There are so many reasons to give a gift to your employees, but the overall theme is to better your business relationships. And nothing does that better than a snack they can share.
Italian Candy Gift Collection
For the sweet tooth in your office, this decadent Italian candy gift box is sure to deliver. There is something about sweet snacks that goes straight to the heart. Corporate gifts don’t have to be impersonal and stuffy, they can also be about the simple joys in life that make it all the sweeter.
Best Italian Cookie Gift Basket
We’re just going to say it. The best office gifts are loaded with cookies. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful holiday gift for your employees or a treat for your team member with a sweet tooth, this epic gift box includes a stunning assortment of twice-baked biscotti cookies and crisp, delicately sweet pizzelles. Made to be enjoyed with coffee, tea or a gulp of espresso, we can’t think of a sweeter corporate gift.