Impressive Employee Gifts That Will Show Your Appreciation

Impressive gourmet Italian gift box

Impressive Employee Gifts That Will Show Your Appreciation

Gifts for employees are an opportunity to show your appreciation, but also to boost morale at the office and even company-wide. Whether your team members are remote and working from home or a fixture of daily office life, your employees are an important part of how smoothly and effectively your business runs. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your employees feel that sentiment.

It can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for employees, especially for those you don’t know on a personal level. That’s why tasty gourmet gifts are the perfect gift solution for corporate gifting. The love of great food is truly something that connects us all. From high-end Italian Pantry Gifts to gift baskets brimming with charcuterie and cheese board favorites, this collection of impressive corporate gifts for employees includes something for everyone on your list. 

Each gift box is carefully curated with the finest picks from DeLallo’s prized collection of Italian and Mediterranean foods. We pack each gift by-hand to make sure goodies get to their intended recipient safely and with the optimum presentation. Talk about a meaningful gift experience!

Giving thoughtful gifts is easier than you think. Just ask yourself: What would I enjoy? We bet it’s not that coffee mug and mug warmer gift set they got last year. Gift your employees the gourmet goodies they crave. 

DeLallo is here to help! Looking for more personalized gift ideas for employees? Or bulk orders? Reach out and let our gift specialists help you by managing all the details.

Gourmet Mixed Nuts Gift Box
Superstar snacking is a great gift idea for employees that never goes out of style. This classy collection of crunchy, salty gourmet nuts is hard to resist. If you’re looking for a practical gift that isn’t the standard pencil holder or coffee mug, gift them an enjoyable snacking experience they won’t forget.
Italian Candy Gift Collection
Adults love candy just as much as kids. It’s a fact! This Italian Candy Gift Box is the perfect gift for employees who love to honor their sweet tooth with high-quality treats. There is something sweet and nostalgic about this goodie gift box. We include fan favorites like Italian Torrone Nougat, our signature Chocolate-Covered Pretzels and even gourmet Gummy Bears.
Pizza Party Gift Box
This tasty corporate gift is a party in a gift box… pizza party, that is. Everyone loves pizza and it’s no secret that the best pizzas are made at home with your favorite cheeses, your favorite sauce and all the toppings you want. Our Pizza Party Gift Box is a thoughtful gift that is ready to give your employees the pizza of their dreams! We include two of our famous Pizza Dough Kits for easy, pizzeria-style pizza crust.
Cheese and Gourmet Spread Gift Box
Corporate gifts aren’t about the price tag, but about how the gifts make your employees feel—right? The perfect gift is one that they can enjoy, an escape from the busy and hurried grind of day-to-day life. That’s why an artful arrangement of cheese board favorites should be at the top of your list. This gourmet gift box is curated to create a well-rounded snacking experience for sharing or for indulging.
Epic Italian Food Gift
Whether you’re looking to celebrate a milestone, to spread some holiday cheer or to recognize hard work, this gourmet gift box is sure to check every box. Corporate gifts for employees are a welcoming way to build and strengthen your business relationships, so why not use this opportunity to really wow them with their favorite foods?