6 Unique And Fun Gifts For Coworkers And Teams

6 Unique And Fun Gifts For Coworkers And Teams

Looking for unique gifts for coworkers?

Whether your coworkers are cubicle mates, office pals or remote Zoom colleagues, sometimes you just want a way to show your appreciation. Afterall, your coworkers are often like family—people that you see day after day and that you count on to have your back. They deserve the best! If you’re out of feel good gift ideas, we’ve got the solution: Italian foods. Food is something we all enjoy, making it the perfect gift for coworkers who you may not know so well. Birthdays, promotions, farewells, holidays…there are so many reasons to celebrate the team. Here are some of our fan favorite picks for coworker gifts!

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Gourmet Mixed Nuts Gift Box
Classy and timeless, gourmet mixed nuts are a snack that never goes out of style. Not only are nuts a great stand-alone treat, but also a savory snack to pair up with beer, cocktails or wine for a happy hour get-together. When it comes to elegant entertaining, nuts are a salty and crispy complement to cheese plate or charcuterie board goodies.
Italian Candy Gift Collection
When it comes to fun gifts for coworkers, treat your work pals to something sweet. This collection of confectioneries includes gummy candies, chocolate-covered pretzels, Italian nougat and more—all the goodies that are sure to make them feel like a kid again. What is a better gift than that?
Best Italian Cookie Gift Basket
What’s sweeter than a hand-packed collection of gourmet cookies? This feel good gift box features cookie flavors such as almond, peanut butter and lemon along with chocolate-covered pretzels for a real crowd-pleasing coworker gift.
Artisan Meat and Cheese Gift Box
We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect gift for your work pals. Celebrate colleagues and coworkers with the foods they crave! This carefully curated gift box is everything needed to create a stunning charcuterie board at home: cured meats, beloved cheeses and all the complementary fixins.
Charcuterie Night Gift Collection
The perfect gift for coworkers should be one they actually enjoy. This gourmet gift set includes cured meats and complementary cheeses, so that giftees can create a fabulous charcuterie board at home. We can’t think of a better way to strengthen your coworker bond.
Create Custom Gifts

DeLallo gives you the opportunity to personalize the professional with options to customize your coworker gifts. We offer no-fuss options to help you create fun gifts for coworkers with a personal touch. Our corporate gifting experts are just a phone call away!

Start by filling out a form or call directly to connect. Once we verify your budget, time frame and gift requests, we can help you to craft the perfect custom gift. Whether you’re shopping for one or for a team, we can help!

Browse our selection of over 150 gourmet foods. Choose a custom combination of gourmet Italian pantry staples, like pasta and olive oil, along with olives, antipasti, biscotti cookies and more. The sky is the limit! Let us customize your packaging too. Choose from our beautiful blue DeLallo Gift Boxes or boxes printed with your company logo. DeLallo will deliver to you, the office or to each individual. Choose to include a personalized gift message, some branded items or both. We can’t wait to help you build the perfect custom gift for coworkers, colleagues and team members.

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